Health and Diet (Fourth page)

John's Diet

This person is John and now I'm going to show you his one day diet and write down my opinion about his diet here.

This will be the link to John's one day diet website :)

John's Picture

Questions to Consider

Why is he overweight/obese?

John is overweight/obese because he drinks quite too much alcohol, he eats high calorie foods, he doesn't exercise enough, he actually plays keeper in Futsal, he has a sedentary office job in bank, he often misses the gym, John lives with his parents, he drives to his work and he might not be taking care of himself properly.

What lifestyle choices could he change?

In my opinion John should definitely started going to gym and exercising more. Including that he has to eat less food and with lesser calories. Also since he likes Futsal so he can play and take part in game as well except only being a goal keeper because goal keeper doesn't really move or run or do these kind of activities including he can walk, cycle, or run at least the half of his way to his work except driving with his car to work or for xample use bus and when he got close to his work he get out and walk the rest to his work. And things like this can help John to lose weight and balance his diet and weight.

Balanced diet?

The answer to this is no. In my opinion John doesn't have a balanced diet because he eats too much fat and he doesn't exercise much. But then in balanced diet as it is even mentioned in its name the nutritions and food must be all balances and you have to take all the nutritions. Including exercising and work out and doing some sports. Then that's when you will have a balanced diet and managed weight.

Mental health?

Some people tend to eat much and become obese when they are too much stressed or they are depressed or alone and left out and they have no one and they also have nothing to do. And so the only thing that makes them feel better is eating to they eat quite much and so they become over weight. Maybe this is the same situation as John. Because he has a job which he has to sit in one place without actually moving and that might be boring so he kind of think of food to help him to not feel bored and that's when he will tend to eat again. And also I don't really think if John has much friends to communicate with and so he is alone most of his time. So maybe if he has friends then they can help him and advice him to have better life style choices and be healthier and have a better life.