Health and Diet (Fourth page)


Sometimes having a table for eating food can really help to keep you healthy because you will know when, what and how to eat and how much to eat.

Top 10 workouts to kick off your new exercise regime:

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At first in the morning when I woke up for my breakfast I had juice (orange and pine apple) 4 chocolate chip cookies. Then 15 minutes after that I became thirsty and I drank water. Since I woke up at 11 am and I ate my breakfast at 11:30 am so I had my lunch at 2. My lunch was chicken, salad, rice, coke, and with some other vegetables and yogurt and since I don’t really like rice so I just ate my chicken without rice and with some bread. Then at 4 pm I had some fruits and after that at 6 pm I had some chips with ice lemon tea. After that and at 9 pm I had my dinner. My dinner was steak with some vegetable and coke. And at 12 before I sleep, I drank some milk and then I went to sleep.

Well I chose that diet because it almost includes everything in it (almost all the nutrient). And a diet like that is usually my daily diet.

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